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Smooth Radio London is a regional UK radio owned and operated by Global Radio as part of the Smooth radio network. This station broadcasts from its studios in Leicester Square, London to the Greater London area using Croydon transmitting station. The station was formerly named Jazz FM. On 7 June 2005 it was aired for the first time as 102.2 Smooth FM. On 26 March 2007 Smooth London replaced 102.2 Smooth FM. In 2010, GMG announced that the 5 Smooth stations would be merged and transformed to create a nationwide Smooth Radio service based in Manchester. Smooth London can be heard on DAB and locally on the FM frequencies.

Heart FM London is a regional radio station owned and operated by Global Radio that belongs to the Heart network. The stations local programming is produced and broadcast from Hearts Leicester Square studios and all networked programming originates from Global Radios London headquarters. The station plays Hot AC music and is available on FM, DAB digital radio in London, and across the UK on Freesat, Sky, Freeview, TalkTalk TV and Virgin Media. It is also available on MXR regional DAB multiplexes in the North West, North East, the Severn Estuary and Yorkshire, as well as on Switch Digital in central Scotland

Capital London is a regional radio station located in London with the 95.8 frequency. This station is part of the nine stations of the Capital radio network and it is owned and operated by Global Radio. Capital London is a contemporary hits radio that plays Top 40 music and it claims itself Londons No.1 Hit Music Station. This station was formerly known as Radio Capital and it was formed in early 1970 by David Maule-ffinch. It was aired for the first time on 16 October 1973 after it was awarded the London General Entertainment service by the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA). Nowadays, Capital London is available on FM, DAB, Freesat, Freeview, Sky and Virgin Media channels

Listen online to the internet radio of talkSPORT live, home of rugby and football news. talkSPORT is the leader radio of Wireless Groups radio station network, as the world’s largest clearly sports related radio station. In 2000, the launch of the radio station was a necessary response to the growing appetite for the ever-dominant, nationally significant community of sports fans. The broadcaster leads the competiton among the sports related commercial radios, by airing mainly football and rugby related content, football news, rugby news, but also cricket, horse racing, boxing, tennis, golf, and darts occasionally come into view. Most of the UK’s important football and rugby matches, along with major european events are debated, football news with expert analyses, commentaries, exclusive interviews, and phone-ins. It also broadcasts all Premier League matches worldwide in several languages. The growing scale of the channels broadcasting rights necessitated the launch of its sister station talkSPORT 2 in 2016, to cover the full range of sporting events together without compromise. The radios kick-off in the mornings begins at 6am with the talkSPORT Breakfast led by talkSPORT presenters like Alan Brazil, Natalie Sawyer, Jamie OHara, Dean Saunders and Tony Cascarino. The broadcaster is the Global Audio Partner of the English Premier League, and official broadcaster of the Premier League, FA Cup, Football League, League Cup, England friendly internationals, Aviva Premiership, Super League, ATP World Tour Masters 1000, NatWest t20 Blast, Royal London One-Day Cup, Indian Premier League, ICC World Twenty20 and certain Champions League and Europa League matches are broadcasted. talkSPORT slogan: The world’s biggest sports radio station

Listen online to the internet radio of talkRADIO live, which is a digital radio station owned by Wireless Group. The radio, as the name suggests, leaves music out of the broadcast altogether, instead covering everything that can be discussed, without any discretion. Talk shows, telephone interviews, opinion analysis and the latest international and national news add to the spectrum. The station starts the mornings from Monday to Thursday with The Julia Hartley-Brewer Breakfast Show between 6:30am and 10:00am. talkRADIOs most popular programme, the Piers Morgan Uncensored is broadcasted from Monday to Thursday between 8:00pm and 9:00pm and between 11:00pm to midnight. The radios presenters: Julia Hartley-Brewer, Piers Morgan, Mike Graham, James Max, Ian Collins, James Whale, Cristo Foufas, Darryl Morris, Daisy McAndrew, Kevin OSullivan, Howard Hughes, Jeremy Kyle, Tom Newton Dunn, Petrie Hosken, Claudia Liza, David Bull, Rob Rinder, Peter Cardwell, Trisha Goddard, Nick De Bois, Richard Tice, Mark Saggers.

Listen to the internet radio of Classic FM live, which is the most popular single-station radio in the commercial segment in the UK. The broadcaster owned by Global Media & Entertainment Ltd. Classic FM radio is responsible for the largest classical music lover community’s musical supply in the UK, broadcasting the most captivating pieces of the classical genre from around the world. The station identifies itself as the UK’s only 100 percent classical music radio station. But sometimes, for a more varied experience, movie soundtracks and video game soundtracks from the instrumental-orchestral genre also appear in the playlist. The radio presenters work with subtle speech style for the smooth classical atmosphere. The schedule brings short news blocks to keep listeners up to date with the most important news and weather reports. The broadcaster sets the starting note with the More Music Breakfast with John Humphrys from 6am to 9am on weekdays, and Anne Marie Min Halls popular Classic FM Requests can be listened to from midday to 2pm on weekdays.

Listen online to the internet radio of Capital Dance live, which launched on 1 October 2020 as the dance music specialized sister station of Capital FM, one of the most listened to commercial radios in the UK. The radio is owned by Global Media & Entertainment Ltd. The broadcaster plays the best dance music - biggest dance anthems and club mixes 24/7. The programmes and the playlist are supervised by top dance experts like: MistaJam, Coco Cole and Charlie Powell. The station ignites the mornings with Dance Breakfast with Charlie Powell from 7am to 11am on weekdays. Below the player you can select the stations style specialized sisters: Heat Rave, Jam Hot, D&B Essentials.

Magic Radio is an Independent Local Radio and national radio station located in London. You can listen to this radio station on 105.4 FM and DAB, as well as on DAB across the UK and in any part of the world. Its owned by Bauer Radio, a division of the Bauer Media Group. Top presenters: Harriet Scott Nick Snaith Paul Hayes Richard Allinson Ronan Keating

Listen online to the internet radio of LBC Radio live, which was the first commercial radio station of the UK in 1973, and the most listened to talk radio in the UK’s commercial radio sector. The station is owned by Global Media & Entertainment Ltd. The stations programme structure focuses on talk-shows about the most important UK related topics, and global politics. Emphasizes on giving opportunity to the listeners in expressing their own opinions about the major stories and to discuss the topics with the presenters. Moreover famous personalities, politicians are often guests in the call-in shows, so the listeners also have the opportunity to put their views to the test with public figures. LBC presenters are Nick Ferrari, James O’Brien, Shelagh Fogarty, Iain Dale, Steve Allen, Clive Bull, Tom Swarbrick, Rachel Johnson, Matt Frei, Andrew Marr, Nick Abbot, Andrew Pierce, Darren Adam, David Lammy, Natasha Devon, Daniel Barnett, Ian Payne, Eddie Mair, Dean Dunham, Sangita Myska, Camilla Tominey and Ben Kentish. The stations schedule sets the basis for the conversation with Nick Ferrari at Breakfast from 7am to 10am on weekdays. In its mission to disseminate information and knowledge, the broadcaster has an adjunct sister station, which concentrates on the national and global news rather than live conversations.

Listen to the internet radio of Gold Radio live, which is owned by Global Media & Entertainment Ltd. Gold FMs music selection dates back to the happy peaceful times of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, when music was closer to peoples sincere emotions, because digital instruments were not yet able to replace real instruments, so the melodies and sounds were more natural and the message of the songs was more valid, not as disconnected from reality as it is today. This is probably what gives these greatest hits their never-ending charm and popularity, and makes Gold a great choice for adults who love nostalgic pop music. To see what the broadcaster thinks about the golden age of music, here are Gold Radios examples of the influential artists and bands that have shaped the world of modern music over the past century: The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Buddy Holly, Blondie, The Who, The Beach Boys, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, The Eagles, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Elton John. In the stations morning-show takes place on weekdays from 6am to 10am with The More Music Breakfast Show with James Bassam.

Listen to the online radio of KCC Country (KCC Ireland) live, established on April 1, 2020, with the aim of providing a diverse mix of country music, including classics, crossover, and rock, performed by both Irish and American artists. Its inception was a response to the initial Covid-19 lockdown, designed to offer support to its listeners. KCC Ireland actively promotes new artists and emerging talents within the country music genre, showcasing their music. Additionally, they extend their support to live performances in Ireland and abroad. While their primary target audience is the 35+ age group, listeners of all ages can enjoy their varied playlist filled with great music.

Radio Montserrat 91.9 FM is a radio station based in Montserrat, a small island in the Caribbean. It offers a wide range of programming, including music, news, talk shows, and entertainment, catering to the diverse interests of its listeners. Tune in to Radio Montserrat 91.9 FM for a delightful radio experience and stay updated with the latest happenings, local events, and vibrant music from the Caribbean region Listen only on Indianradio.in

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